When I started working with computers in the age of 12 I was fascinated by its possibility of combining several things to one piece. I started making music with my computer while working on visual expressions for my outcome and joined them together to one piece. For sure this involved technical problems and artistic issues at the same time. After finishing school I decided to stay on my old path and started a study on a technical school with a design approach (Informationtechnology and Design (international)). I always wanted to combine those two extreme to fulfil my personal expectations. And this is where I am right now. I am sitting in the gap between a designer and a programmer able to communicate between those two worlds. This makes it possible to solve design problems in technical environment or technical problems in a design environment.

Soon I am graduating with the title „Dipl-Ing (FH) Informationstechnologie und Design”. Right now I am hard at work on my final thesis which is about an annotation system for our daily computer life. It introduces a new kind of interface item which is a logical sequel to our current GUI. This new interface paradigm allows the creation of new kinds of applications and results in a better user experience than the current annotation systems provide right now.

Programs: Mac OS + Windows experienced, UNIX basics, all major graphics applications.

Coding: OOP ActionScript and Lingo, basic Java, HTML and Javascript

Meikel Steiding
Heibargsredder 4
23684 Scharbeutz 2

phone: 0049 - (0)175 - 99 06 171
e-mail: me@beta-labs.com

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Neon - A digital annotation system